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Picture is the site to go to for ALL your Vinyl Decal needs. 
From custom decals, car decals, band music stickers,  sports stickers, dirt bike & sports stickers, banner, vehicle lettering, boat lettering, business decorations, website decals, automotive decals and graphics. 
You can spend hours in their site just looking at endless possibilities for decals. 

I had the hardest time picking out what I wanted to review (so many cool choices), but when I came across the motivational decal I picked I knew it was the perfect one for me. makes the decals when you order them.
They can make your decal small to very large and from just one to large quantities, depending on your needs. 
I have bought other decals from other companies, not one is hanging in my house today. Reason, the quality was horrible.... it mainly started with the putting up process, the decals from other companies would pretty much break and stick to other parts before I even got it on my wall. 
BUT, with's decal I had NO problems. 
Just read the enclosed directions before attempting to hang it up.


My wall before installing the wall decal. I cleaned the wall with rubbing alcohol & allowed it to dry before applying my decal.

Image #2: decal up on the wall. I had to step back, make sure it was straight, then apply pressure to the paper to start the process of transferring the letters to my wall.
I should really start by saying........The first thing to do after you receive your new die-cut decal is to inspect the surface you're going to put it on. Clean the surface thoroughly, making sure to remove any dust, dirt or grime.
This will help ensure proper adhesion.
Next, smooth out your decal either by hand or with a squeegee ( I had no wrinkles in mine), a simple, inexpensive tool available from Vinyl Disorder, to remove any wrinkles or ridges. Even if your decal has been crushed in transit, you'll be surprised at how it
will reform back into shape with a little care from you.

Image #2: Now, put your decal in place. It's a good idea to take measurements, if you want to exactly center your die-cut decal. That will mean using a tape measure to ensure equal distances of the decal's edges from the sides, top and bottom of the surface you're applying it to. Of course, you don't necessarily have to center your decal - although most people do. You can go for your own unique, offbeat look by positioning your decal off center, if you like.


Then, remove the backing from your decal. Press it firmly against the surface you wish to apply it to. Use your hands or a squeegee to remove any wrinkles or small bumps so that the decal lies as flat as possible against the surface.
( as you will see in my video I did not have a squeegee so I used the next best thing =) a wooden spoon, lol yes in my brain at that time I thought the spoon was the next best thing, but hey it worked )
I have VERY textured walls, so I had to a harder time getting each letter to stay on my wall. Watch my video to see how easy it was even with the texture on my wall. I just had to take my time & occasionally go back and push down a letter. 

Above & Below Pictures is my Finished Vinyl Installation. Sorry the bottom picture isn't the best, for some reason no matter how many times I took this picture my camera didn't want to turn out very clear. I love the way the vinyl turned out, regardless of how bad the camera took a picture.

I am so happy with my wall decal. It's very motivational.
Plus it turned out great. 

I stated above that in the video, but for some reason I am not able to upload the video to this review. So I will keep trying, in the meantime,
o they do all the below:

Such a cool site, you really can spends hours looking at all the cool possibilities. 
Enter below one viewer will win a 
15" decal (No specialty vinyl) of your choice. 
Good Luck Everyone.