Pipcorn Review & Giveaway


Pipcorn was founded by Jeff & Jen Martin, a dynamic brother and sister team. All of their delicious flavors are popped in small batches and seasoned by hand. Pip pip hooray!

The Pipcorn seed was planted when Jeff was helping Jen move apartments in the spring of 2010. In desperate need of a snack, Jen remembered these special little kernels that she had gotten a few days earlier. Five minutes later, they were snacking on the best popcorn they had ever had. Two years later (and an unbelievable amount of support from family and friends), they launched Pipcorn and the rest is history!


Pipcorn has become my newest love!!! Popcorn has always been an obsession of mine and finding Pipcorn has been a miracle for me. Pipcorn is so much different than other popcorn snacks I have had. The popcorn pieces are about 1/2 the size of other popcorn making this the tiny, perfect munchie. Pipcorn is a tiny sized treat that has a huge taste with incredible flavors, like my personal favorite....truffle....yuuuuum...and sea salt, rosemary, kettle and chili lab for those who love a little spice in their life.
I was super lucky to connect with Pipcorn and have the opportunity to try three of their delicious flavors. I had a really tough time putting down the bag of Truffle Pipcorn but luckily it is a healthy snack that's super low in calories so I don't have to feel terrible about eating it. Each serving is only 120 calories and each bag has 4 servings so unlike other snacks you actually get to eat a good portion, not like 5 pieces. LOL                                                                       


Pipcorn Perks!!!!

*All Natural
*Gluten Free
*Whole Grain

Pipcorn is so delicious I never even noticed that it contains NO BUTTER!! I was in shock when I read that because it is so full of flavor. They use olive oil while popping Pipcorn so butter never ever touches it. You will be amazed when you try it. Also, no butter equals vegan so you can serve this at parties and you there's no need to worry about what you are feeding your guest. For me.....living in Northern California having vegan snacking options at my parties is a huge plus.


Another nice thing is that the hulls on these kernels are much more delicate than ordinarykernels. When popped, the shells break up into such small pieces that you wont get those big hard pieces stuck in your teeth as often. Some also say that our kernels are easier to digest
Look for Pipcorn in a store near you. I have found them in many Whole Foods stores in my area. You can check your area by using their handle store locator: http://www.pipsnacks.com/pages/find-us

If you can't find it near you DON'T WORRY you can buy directly off the Pipcorn site. Right now everything on the site is on sale plus free shipping so take advantage of this amazing deal and grab some Pipcorn now:  http://www.pipsnacks.com/collections/pipcorn


The Pipcorn people are so generous!! They are going to give one lucky Simple Side of Life reader a delicious prize.....one bag of Sea Salt and a bag of Truffle Pipcorn!! So good luck, enter to win using as many ways possible and tweet daily for extra entry points.