Hyperbiotics Review & Giveaway


By far the BEST "biotics" products I have ever used... Not only did I see results with one of the products right off the bat, they continued to work. Amazing must have products. 

The absolute BEST product in the world. 

I have horrible sinus issues. Have now had two sinus surgeries and deal with sinus problems on a daily basis. 
Sometimes not matter what I do I have stinky breath. I can brush all I want, use mouthwash, eat gum, everything you can think of and nothing helps. I came across a ad one day for hyperbiotics PRO-Dental and thought about giving it a try. I was lucky to get the chance to try this AMAZING product. This stuff rocks!

Every morning (after brushing my teeth and using mouthwash) I chew 1-2 of these minty little pills
Usually just one unless i'm having a bad sinus day. 
My yucky breath is gone. 
All throughout the day it stays away. 
It just took about 7-8 days to see results. 
I was amazed. Each day I noticed more and more results, but full results did take the full week. 
Now I don't go a day without missing a pill. 
Just chew, they taste great. No yucky after taste, just like eating a small mint. 


The probiotic S. salivarius M18 produces an enzyme that helps dissolve and loosen the formation of biofilm and sticky deposits that can eventually lead to problems. The strains M18 & K12 crowd out undesirable bacteria, offering a proactive solution by addressing the root cause of unhealthy gums.

You might be familiar with your gut microbiome, but did you know that different probiotic strains populate your oral cavity? And, if the balance of good bacteria in your mouth is compromised, dental issues can develop. Even more, poor oral health is often indicative of problems elsewhere in the body. That’s why we created PRO-Dental: so you can proactively keep this often-forgotten microbiome in optimal shape!

Your mouth is the gatekeeper and the first line of defense when it comes to the microbes that make their way into our bodies. The strains in PRO-Dental are among the most important and beneficial bacteria of the mouth - in fact research shows that K12 can activate your immune system within just 24 hours!

Did you know that when you use mouthwash to prevent bad breath, you kill both the good and bad bacteria? And, did you know that it is up to the good bacteria to keep the bad breath causing bacteria in check? In fact, S. salivarius is often found in healthy mouths yet is deficient in those who suffer from bad breath.

This means that the best long-term solution to eradicating bad breath is to
repopulate your oral cavity with the good guys found in PRO-Dental.

Typically, we try to “mask" bad breath with cosmetic products such as mouth rinses, gums and sprays.
When K12 colonizes in your mouth, it actually crowds out the
odor-causing bacteria and therefore targets bad breath at its root.

When your oral microbiome is populated with strong probiotic colonies, you are equipped with natural defenses against common invaders. PRO-Dental is formulated with targeted probiotic strains to restore the balance of good bacteria and promote oral and upper respiratory health.

This is honestly the best product I have ever tried, if you have fresh breath issues give hyperbiotics PRO-Dental a try, you will thank me... it's only $23.00 not a bad price for peace of mind, no more being embarrassed if your breath smells because after using this product daily, it won't. 


PRO-15 is another great hyperbiotics product I take daily. I actually take this one at night, right before bed.  I kept forgetting to take it in the morning so I set them next to my bed and I now take one every night. I like that they are time-released, VERY SMALL Pearls that are EASY TO SWALLOW, lactose free, gluten free, vegetarian and the best part, natural. 
You won't even know you swallowed the thing. It's really that small. 

Time Released Pearls,
Uniquely Formulated to Repopulate Your Gut

After about a week I did notice my tummy issues go away. I have had tummy troubles my whole life. I recently found out they weren't from eating dairy products that I have tried so hard to avoid. It was from gluten the whole time. My body was tricking me. But even still I don't eat 100% gluten free. I try but it's not always possible for me. So I need that small dose of help and hyperbiotics does that for me in the form of a small pearl called PRO-15
I have also noticed I take less calcium during the day, I did not realize that taking PRO-15 helped your body absorb vitamins and minerals until I started to write this review. 
This is a huge plus for me, not having a thyroid I usually take 4-6 calcium a day. I am down to 2-4 just morning and with dinner. I notice if I miss dinner dose I don't have hypercalcemia issues starting in the morning. 
Thanks Pro-15 this is huge for me......
This wonderful probiotic is truly perfect. 
Just one or two a day and you will see results, not matter what your tummy issues are from.
This is a must really for everyone. 


With a superior patented delivery method, the probiotic organisms in this formula are released over an 8-10 hour period so they bypass your stomach acids and reach deep into your intestinal tract alive (where they are needed most) so you can finally experience the full benefits that probiotics have to offer.

 80% of your immune system is in your gut, and when probiotics (the good guys) are abundant in your body, it becomes harder for the bad guys to settle in. PRO-15 replenishes beneficial bacteria for optimal digestive and immune health, helps balance yeast growth, and promotes daily relief from gas, bloating, and irregularity.
Life should be easy.

Did you know that scientists can predict whether people are fat or thin more effectively from their bacterial makeup (90 percent accuracy) than from their genes (58 percent accuracy)? It’s true. Research has made it clear that unhealthy gut flora can undermine even the best weight loss efforts. PRO-15 will help you get your gut back into equilibrium so your waistline can follow.

Fatigue and irritability are often a result of poor vitamin and mineral absorption. PRO-15 helps create a microenvironment inside your digestive system that promotes full nutrient absorption so you can finally feel like your happy, energetic and vibrant self.

Hyperbiotics PRO-15 is released at consistent levels throughout the day and throughout your Gl tract; whereas other capsules more closely resemble a bomb being dropped in your upper stomach - releasing all organisms at one time, often causing digestive upset.

For just $25 you get 60 of these small pearls. If you take one a day that's 2 months worth of probiotics.
Even at 2 a day only $25 a month is a excellent deal to cure tummy pains plus a whole
slew of other issues you might be having. 

A little about hyperbiotics


At Hyperbiotics, we believe that all health begins in the gut.
This belief (though backed by tremendous research) has been reinforced for us through personal experience.
After healing from the parasite Entamoeba Histolytica I became empowered with the knowledge of the role of the microbiome in regard to our overall health and well-being. A paradigm shift occurred as I began to understand the importance of gut health and that everything – from our diets high in processed foods to chlorine in our water, antibiotics in our livestock and even not being breastfed as a child – can leave us severely deficient in one of the most important aspects of immunity: probiotics.
Armed with research and invigorated with possibilities, the concept that bacteria is both the foundation and the future of health ignited my quest to formulate a better probiotic. Hyperbiotics was born.
Using patented technology, we are proud to say that we have developed the world’s most effective probiotic supplements and that we help people feel their best on a daily basis by delivering to them the full benefits probiotics have to offer.

PRO-Dental and PRO-15 two AMAZING hard working product a must for everyone.
Enter below for your chance to win a bottle of PRO-15.