Holiday Gift Giving ~ MobileTrust from Strikeforce

I recently bought myself a new cell phone after having the same one for 4 years.
I now am proud owner of a iPhone 7 plus that I just love. 
Now to protect my phone with MobileTrust. 
 mobile malware for me. 

MobileTrust would be the PERFECT stocking stuffer. 

An estimated 16 million mobile devices are infected with mobile malware, with threats constantly on the rise. MobileTrust® is the world’s most advanced security suite for mobile devices, with the power to protect your confidential information, online transactions, and login access against keylogging spyware. MobileTrust® even helps you create and store hard-to-crack passwords.
Our military-grade anti-keylogging technology encrypts every keystroke you type into your smartphone or tablet while browsing, texting, emailing, and logging in to any website or VPN. With MobileTrust®, keylogging cyber thieves have nothing to see — and nothing to steal.

What’ve you got to lose… without MobileTrust®?

Online Banking
Each time you log in to online banking, hackers can steal your usernames, passwords and account details.

Credit Card Information
As you shop by mobile, your credit card information, mobile payment and wallet services are increasingly at risk.

Text Messages & Email
Hackers with keylogging software can steal everything you type in text messages and emails.

Personal Security
Whenever you type your Social Security number or other personally identifying information (PII), you’re exposed to identity theft.

Personal Health Info
Healthcare/medical apps are the most-hacked – and cyber thieves are ready to sell your personal health information to the highest bidder.

My cellphone has never been hacked luckily, but I do know someones that has. No fun. 
Why not stay safe with MobileTrust's Strike Force

They can’t hack what they can’t see
Traditional keystroke data flows from your mobile keyboard through your operating system before it appears in your apps. Hidden along the way are areas of vulnerability where cyber criminals can plant keylogging spyware.
MobileTrust® protects your keystroke data by installing a secure encrypted keyboard* that  creates an alternate pathway to your apps, routing your encrypted data around the areas of vulnerability. For added security, the MobileTrust® pathway is protected by a complex 256-bit encryption code.
Operating systems supported
Android 4.0 or later
iOS 6.0 or later