Holiday Gift Giving ~ U Star Novels

Such a great idea. 
A story staring you your lover.


Fall is in the air and the cool weather is rolling in. Perfect time to snuggle on the couch with the one you love, a nice cozy blanket and a warm drink and a nice romantic book, staring the both of you. 
U Star Novels
has some fun, romantic books that are designed to incorporate you and your lover as the main character. 

These books are both fun, imaginative and the perfect way to shop for that person that you never know what to get. 

Would make a wonderful stocking filler. 

U Star Novels, is a website that allows you to personalize your own romance novel.
Customers simply answer a number of personal questions; nicknames, eye color, favorite food, music, perfume, lingerie color etc. and then select one of the novels to star in.
Choose from Fever in France, Spanish Sizzle, English Encounters and other steamy sounding titles, you and your lover will be entwined in a love story - perhaps being by diamond smugglers in the French Riviera or discovering a hidden tomb in Naples. 
The novels range in sexual content from sensual and romantic through to erotic, enabling you to find the perfect level of sauciness for you and your partner.
Whether you’re into paranormal romance, historical romance, classics or a bit of erotica, we have all that, and more, here at U Star Novels.
If you are looking for a naughty stocking filler this Christmas or a romantic way to say ‘I love you’
U Star Novels has the answer for you.


I am only about half way into my U Star Novel and love it. 
I am reading Power Play 
It's a paperback book 196 pages, 10.8cm x 17.8cm
My book has a Lovin-O-Meter of 4 kisses, that means the book has an erotic theme and very explicit love scenes, but with a romance at the heart of the story. The love scenes are highly explicit, graphic and sexual. The story may contain bi, anal, threesome sex scenes. We suggest over 18 years only. 

On a holiday in Greece, our leading couple find themselves at a party where before they are allowed to enter they must sign their pleasure over to the hosts.  The pleasure of surrendering to the will of another, or others, is unique. Our couple decide to go ahead, leaving their sex lives in the hands of total strangers.Even though they both have a night of passion, our leading lady refused to be completely dominated when ordered by the hosts, and her punishment is severe.  They have kidnapped her, with her leading man nowhere to be found. Given a series of clues, will he work out where she is being held, and when he finally does, will our leading lady be prepared to give in to her captor’s demands in order to be freed?

So far it's a good reading book. 
Very romantic, there are less romantic, sexual books to choose from, this is just the one I picked to personalize. 
I think this is a really neat idea. Maybe if you need some spice in your relationship, just want to read something new and romantic or want to give a one of a kind gift to the one that you love let U Star Novels help you out. 
Your lover will love you for it.