Holiday Gift Givings Ideas ~ HELLO YELLOW Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener ~ MAKES A GREAT TEACHERS GIFT

The sharpener that all the teachers are talking about!  

When Classroom Friendly Supplies talks about their pencil sharpeners my first thought has always been a sharpener is a sharpener. What makes this one so special. It just sharpens pencils. 
I was totally wrong. This sharpener is very special. Ask any teacher. 
Have you ever been in a classroom while the teacher is speaking, or during a test when the room is silent.
One student gets up due to a broken pencil that sound of sharpening interrupts the whole flow of the room. The teacher get's throw off his/her lesson or the silence of test taking get's broken.
Your full concentration is gone in seconds. 
Not anymore. A classroom can go on, no more interruptions once you have a
Classroom Friendly Supplies Sharpener in  your child's classroom. 

Make this year the BEST year ever. 
Give your child's teacher something they can use, need and want. Classroom Friendly Supplies HELLO  YELLOW pencil sharpener.

My step sister is a teacher. Each time I got one of these handy silent sharpeners I sent it to her to use in her classroom. She swears by them, says they are the best. So I have heard from a actual teacher the feedback. They are truly needed in all classrooms from grade school to high school. 
Very easy to use, works on any standard sized pencil. You don't have to worry about your child over sharpening and wasting pencils it automatically stops once the perfect point is formed. This prevents over-sharpening.
The tray is clear the teacher or student can see when it's full. Plus it's super easy to slide out and clean. 
Children as young as 5 years of age can use this. 
A clamp is included so it can mount to pretty much any surface or you can keep it off the mount and make it portable.

If you have more then one child you can get a discount if you get one for every child's teacher

  • A "must have" for every teacher.
  • A unique and practical teacher gift.
  • Old-school retro look.
  • Quiet sharpening eliminates classroom interruptions. 
  • Automatic stopping once the perfect point is formed. This prevents over-sharpening.
  • Works on standard sized pencils.
  • Clear plastic disposal tray for easy cleaning.
  • Easy to use (as young as 5 years of age.)
  • Sturdy metal frame (approximately 3"x 3"x 5")
  • Portable or mounts to a surface. Clamp included.
  • Did I already mention that it was quiet?
Get a 3 Pack for only $17.99 per sharpener!