Holiday Gift Giving ~ Epic Wipes Review & Giveaway (3 Winners)



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Picture is always expanding their product line and this time their newest product is a shower in your pocket......well kind of. The Epic Wipe is a must have for your backpack, tackle box or camper. You also need to keep a case of these in your emergency gear. 

The Epic Wipe is 16 times larger that your standard wet wipe, biodegradeable, naturally scented using antibacterial essential oils and they are made with 100% bamboo fiber which is a sustainable material.

These contain NO parabens and are TOXIC FREE

Epic Wipes unfolded towels measure a whopping 31.5" by 19.7"  and when folded up they are 4.5" x 2.75" x 1" so it is truly small enough to fit in a pocket.

Although theEpic Wipe might be too small for a Kodiak Bear it is the perfect size for you, Joan of Arc and Abe Lincoln. 

I have used other brand wet towels that are similar to this but they are honestly soooo much smaller. When I'm out camping or in the woods and need to clean off but I'm no where near a shower I want the largest, most effective wet wipe I can find. Epic Wipes are the best I have seen and used.


Epic Wipes want to make it easy for you to freshen up after doing the activities you love. Why use a stack of standard wipes when you can use just one Epic Wipe to get the job done? Epic Wipes are gentle enough for a s,mores covered munchkin, yet strong enough for a mud-caked mountain biker.


This massive Epic Wipe is strong, durable and tough. It would also be great to keep in the car for trips to the beach and river with your dogs. These are awesome for wiping off the pups and cleaning dirty paws before getting back into the car.

You can buy these wipes individually or in a case of 10. I recommend the case of 10 because they are so perfect for everything why just buy one? 

Picture is the best place to stock up oncamp and survival gear so buy a giant stocking and stuff it full of products like the Epic Wipe for the outdoor lover you need to shop for. Make sure you check out EVERYTHING has to offer.

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