Butcher Box ~ Grass Fed Beef & More delivered Monthly to your Door

Every other Sunday I make a menu & grocery list for the upcoming meals. 
In my menu planning I add some sort of grass fed meat every other day. 
We only have 2 stores in our small town that sell grass fed meats so I always made my shopping list geared to those stores, even though they are not my favorite to shop at. 
Since I was introduced to Butcher Box I no longer have to shop at those stores. 
I just order my grass fed meat online and have it delivered to my front door. 
I can also stop receiving Butcher Box whenever I want. There is no contract. 
The meat you will receive is some of the best quality I have ever had. 
I will start by saying I usually don't eat pork, unless it's in the form of bacon. Pork chops or other forms of pork (besides bacon)are rarely cooked in my home. Just because I am not a fan, the taste and texture grosses me out. But, I received my Butcher Box and in it was 4 bone in pork chops. I defrosted 2 and let them sit in my fridge 3 days while I went back and forth if I was actually going to make them or pawn them off to my neighbor. Last night I finally gave them a try. Oh my, they were excellent. Unlike any pork chop I have ever made. I will include my recipe below. I am not sure if it's the grass fed part of the pork chops or that they came from Butcher Box, but they truly were excellent. I am actually looking forward to making the other two in my freezer. 
Menu & shopping has become much easier with
Butcher Box. 
When I came home on a Saturday after a nice hike I found this box sitting at my front door. I was worried at first since it was a warmer day, but little did I know Butcher Box knows what they are doing when putting meat on dry ice. This box is called the MIXED BOX.
This box was full of the coldest meat ever. It was like ice bricks. I took everything out, disposed of my dry ice and took pictures. Then I immediately started planning on what I was going to make and when it was going to be used. Everything went into my freezer except one package of ground beef. I had taco salads on the menu and figured I would start with using the ground beef first. 
The MIXED BOX contains 8-10 lbs of 100% Grass Fed/Grass Finished Beef, Organic Chicken & Heritage Breed Pork plus when ordering any box using this link you get $10 OFF + Free Bacon. 

So far I have used my Butcher Box Bacon, one package of ground beef, two bone in pork chops and
all four top sirloin steaks. 

With two of the bone in pork chops that I was not to excited to cook (as you read in the beginning) I made Oven Baked Pork Chops and on the side I added some Honey BBQ sauce that I really didn't use much if. It wasn't needed. 

To make these wonderful Oven Baked Pork Chops I added the following into a bowl, mixed and added my two pork chops for the day.

2 tbsp Ketchup
1 tsp Lemon Juice
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
2 tbsp Brown Sugar
2 tbsp Vegetable Oil

I let pork chops marinade all day. 
While my oven heated to 425 I put the pork chops and half the sauce in a glass baking dish. Covered them up with foil & put them in the oven (once heated) I left them alone for 30 minutes. At that time I turned them over, added the rest of my sauce and covered them back up for another 30 min. They were perfectly cooked

I didn't realize there were 2 Sirloin Steaks per package, even though it was clearly marked on the bags. But my boyfriend was happy to see we cooked all 4 steaks in one night. He ate 3 of them. Yes they were that good. These are the moistest, juiciest Sirloin Steaks ever. I just added some salt & pepper and grilled on our outdoor grill. About 4 minutes on each side at the highest heat our grill would go. 
Excellent. We are them with grilled asparagus and salad.
With my Smoked Uncured Bacon I made bun-less bacon cheeseburgers. I should of used some of my ground beef but I already had beef thawed out from the store. 
The bacon was excellent. 
I like my bacon extra crispy, as you can see in the pictures. 
We only used 2 pieces per burger but of course ate the rest. After dinner. There was no way the smoked uncured bacon would of lasted a full day in our house. 

No Nitrates Added
Butcher Box's Story

Our founder Mike Salguero was first introduced to 100% grass-fed beef through a local farmer who sold ¼ and ½ shares of cattle. After trying it, he was instantly hooked. He preferred the more natural taste and was thrilled to discover the many health advantages grass-fed beef has over ordinary grain-fed beef. So his question became, “why isn’t everyone eating this?”

After doing some research, he discovered that not everyone has access to grass-fed beef, and even if people have access, their selection is often limited to just ground beef. This helps explain why just 1% of the total beef consumed in the United States is 100% grass-fed. Our goal is to make grass-fed beef more accessible than ever before.

Please join us in spreading the Back to Nature Revolution all across the nation.

Butcher Box offers 5 different boxes
Beef & Chicken Box
Beef & Pork Box
Chicken & Pork Box
All Beef Box

With all boxes you can add add-on's such as more beef, chicken or bacon. You also get to choose from monthly, every 2 months or every 3 months. You can change your plan anytime & cancel at anytime. 

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