Qurb PM Review

When you've worked so hard with your daily meals and workouts and night time rolls around your body starts craving something to eat.... grab a Qurb PM. 
Qurb PM is a revolutionary caffeine free, weight management shot containing scientifically tested ingredients, designed to help you Eat Less, Slim Down and Relax!
Each 3oz bottle of Qurb contains 10g of Fibersol®2 soluble fiber. Fiber has been shown to increase satiety and reduce hunger. When your tummy isn’t grumbling for seconds and nagging at you to eat unhealthy snacks in between meals, you can more easily avoid consuming those extra calories
that are sabotaging your diet success.

Hit Your Target Weight Faster
Each bottle of Qurb contains 400mg of fat burning Svetol®, the premium green coffee bean (GCB) extract available today. GCB contains chlorogenic acids which have been reported to have weight loss benefits. Specifically, the lipolytic (fat burning) effect of GCB may help to reduce unwanted fat in the areas that are the toughest to target with exercise like your waistline, hips, underarms and legs.*

Qurb PM is caffeine-free and contains
Theanine to aid in relaxation.

Each bottle contains 10g of Fibersol 2 which has been shown to reduce hunger and increase the levels of two key appetite regulating hormones*. Qurb also contains 400mg of Svetol, Premium Green Coffee Bean Extract. Svetol contains at least 50% chlorogenic acids, which when taken consistently, are known for their Lipolytic (slimming effect) properties.*
Qurb PM also contains 100mg of Theanine which studies have shown can help you relax!* Qurb PM is sweetened naturally with Stevia and does not contain any artificial colors or flavors.
Take in the evenings to help “Qurb” those late night Cravings! Give your Will-Power!(TM).. and Relax*
To get optimum results, it is recommended for individuals to take at least one bottle per day. It is also recommended to supplement with additional shots throughout the day as needed to aid with hunger suppression, and for additional weight loss support.
Qurb™ is not intended to be a meal replacement -- it is a dietary supplement designed to aid with appetite suppression and with a powerful fat burning effect. Qurb™ may help individuals avoid unhealthy snacking.


I received 2 Qurb Pm's to review. I used them in two consecutive nights to see if I noticed results. 
First it's good, kinda cured my evening sweet tooth. They have a slight fruity taste with a thin texture... not bad as far as taste goes. 
I took it about an hour before I went to bed. 
I did have a craving before drinking and soon after 10-15 min that craving seemed to go away. I then showered and got myself ready for bed. I felt I slept better that night, woke up more rested and not at all hungry. In fact all I did was grab my hot green tea in the morning and left to work, no breakfast. I ended up not having lunch till I little after 1pm. That is rare for me. I am usually starving when I wake up and if I have time I made a small breakfast or make something once I get to work. Day two I had the same results. So in my opinion the Qurb PM shots work. 
I would like to give the day shots a try and see if I can help myself loose more weight.