Mountain Air Organic Beds, Pillows & More Review

Did you forget to get your loved one something for
Valentines Day? It's not too late.  
Get them the gift they will love for years to come. 

Why not surprise him or her with a new mattress? Don't fret, Mountain Air Organic Beds has you covered. Mountain Air Organic Beds has organic mattresses, that are customizable, innovative, sustainable and custom made for you. Mountain Air Organic Beds also makes formaldehyde free, sustainable platform beds, bedding, toppers, organic baby and pet items.

Mountain Air Organic Beds has a custom fit mattress made from organic latex wool and cotton - free of the formaldehyde, PBDEs, Tris found in most mattresses. Their mattresses and pillows are hypo-allergenic as well as dust-mite and bed bug resistant. Mountain Air Organic Beds makes the most comfortable, longest lasting, innovative and healthful premium mattresses you can buy. Mountain Air Organic Beds and their impressive array of products are sold at their AR store and nationally online at

I have not tried one of these beds, unfortunately, but I did get the opportunity to try the Shredded Rubber Pillow Deluxe size and let me tell you  I have never slept better. This pillow is amazing. I think to myself if just a pillow gave me so much comfort and peaceful sleep what would a whole mattress do? I bet it's the best nights sleep you will ever get. So why not give that one you love, no matter if it was Valentines Day or just any other day something they will thank you/love you for each evening when they lay down and morning when they wake up. 
This pillow is amazingly soft, you would imagine a pillow that states it's full of rubber to be hard or not comfortable. Wrong... this pillow adjusts to your head, easily malleable so you can position it for best support. 
Made in Arkansas, stuffed with organic and 100% natural latex rubber. The liner and outer zipper cover is 100% certified organic. This pillow is fully adjustable. It has a zipper so you can add or remove rubber. Unlike other pillows, this pillow is naturally hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant, staph and E-Coli resistant.

Mountain Air Organic Beds
makes beds in every size, even toddler & pets. 

Plus pillows, bedding, furniture & more