TPF Toys ~ Splashlings ~ An Ocean Full Of Friends Review

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Splashings are the coolest collection ever!! I am super excited about this fun and colorful way to liven up play time and bath time.  These Splashings are a blast to play with in or out of water. We are a collector family and love finding new toys that can be added onto. We have recently discovered Splashlings Wave 1 and Wave 2. There are so many different mermaids, shells and little splashing friends to collect. It's always exciting going to the store and adding to our Splashings family.
You can buy Splashlings in multiple packs but the mermaids come in the 12 packs and in the 6 packs. The 12 packs come with one very beautiful mermaid, 7 ocean friends, 2 collectible shells and 2 hidden Splashlings for $12.99. I love that the packs always contain a hidden Splashlings surprise. The 6 packs come with a Mermaid, 3 Splashings friends, 1 collectible shell containing a hidden Splashlings for $5.99. 
Splashlings Wave 2 features over 100 new mermaids, ocean friends, gems, shells and treasures. Between Wave 2 and Wave 1 there ore over 200 ocean-themed characters to collect. There are even color changing Splashlings. Just dip them in icy cold water and they will change color right before your eyes. 
Another excited way the add to your Splashings collection is to get these cute little surprise shells for only $3.99. Each shell contains two hidden Splashlings. You can also buy them in foil bags for $2.99. 

Splashings also come in collector card packs. Each pack will have a handful of collector cards as well as a Splashling friend.

The shells are a great way to showcase your ocean of friends. They have little pegs in them so you can set your Splashings on the peg and they will display beautifully. I got some of these shells and we were happily surprised to discover which friends we would find inside. These friends come in different collections called Ocean Gems, Playful Pets, Bowl Pals, Treasure Pets, Swell Shells, Big Swimmers and Flashy Fish.
These friends are sorted by rare, common, ultra rare color change and super treasures. You can even keep a Collector Guide to keep track of the Splashings you have and the ones you still need to find.
Splashlings mermaids and friends are such a blast for the kids. They can trade mermaids, shells, friends and cards to add to their collection too. So if you get a double it gives you more trading power. 
These colorful creatures have magical worlds that they can live in. These Mermaids love to play so they head to Coral Treasure Park for endless play on slides, swings, and more. The Coral Treasure Park set includes a Mermaid, two Splashlings Pets and one inner tube for only $19.99.
At times, Mermaids and an Ocean Full of Friends need a little nurturing medical care, and the Medical Center Playset, packaged with two Splashlings Pets, helps get Splashlings friends cured and ready for more fun. This set sells for $14.99.
Splashlings assortments are available at Toys "R" Us, Amazon, Justice Stores and Walmart. You can also follow them on all of their social media sites to keep up to date with all the latest additions and updates.