Loob Lube Review

Loob Lube is a new kind of lube

This multi-purpose lubricant can be used as:
   Skin conditioner     Anti-friz hair treatment     Anti-chafing 

With just a little, LOOBLUBE goes a long way.
Loob Lube Silk and H2O products are produced in the USA and are  FDA-approved, using the finest silicone and plant based glycerin. Loob Lube packaging  has a boutique look that merges fun and fashion, Loob Lube is made to the perfect texture, not too thin or too thick , without a tacky or sticky feel. Loob Lube was created to remind us that that “Love Owns Our Body,” and will be confidently sold wherever love is felt.

Great Lube. Love the silly face on the bottle and that it's clear, water based. Easy to clean up. 
This doesn't get tacky or sticky.
Best part, it has a few different uses. Overall great product for a great price. 
Loob Lube H2O is a water based personal lubricant which when combined with the Bodies natural lubricant the mix becomes  a chemical romance.
Loob Lube Premium Silk is a premium silicone-based lubricant formulated to enhance intimacy and all the pleasures associated with it.

All of our products are FDA approved, preservative free and made to the perfect texture, not too thin or too thick leaving you with no sticky or tacky residue.

Loob Lube comes in two different formulas
Lobe Lube Premium H20 & Loob Lube Premium SILK
both can be purchased in 2.70 fl oz or 5 fl oz bottles.