PlayMonster ~ Wonder Crew Review

PlayMonster is a toy and game company, championing the power of play by creating quality toys and games for children, adults and families. They're the perfect combination of playful and professional, and true play experts because they understand play for ALL AGES!
PlayMonster started life as Patch Products in 1985, founded by brothers Fran and Bryce Patch. Children's puzzles were their specialty, but they quickly grew to add games and toys.
Throughout the years, they acquired other companies and expanded their product line: Smethport Specialty Co., famous for its classic toy Wooly Willy and educational Lauri brand; Onaroo, a line of clocks and night-lights known for the OK to Wake! green light; and Roominate a hands-on electronic building playset designed to inspire girls!
In 2014, the company changed ownership, which gave them greater opportunity to grow! Their continued growth led to the big name change and re-branding of the company in 2016 to better reflect their playful culture and belief in the power of play! At PlayMonster, they're proud of their history and excited about they future!

PlayMonsters newest addition to their amazing line of toys is WONDER CREW!!

Wonder Crew was created by Laurel Wider, a psychotherapist and mom, after her son came home from preschool one day and announced that “boys aren’t supposed to cry.” Frustrated by many of the messages boys were (and weren't) receiving and inspired by the way play influences child development, Wider created Wonder Crew to encourage kids to connect emotionally and be their full selves.
Have you ever had that struggle when your son keeps taking your daughters dolls and playing with them? Then your daughter gets upset and tells your son to get his own toys and leave hers alone. I have been there, done that and I know I'm not the only one. It seems like you can hunt through toy store after toy store and scour the isles for a doll for your son, nephew or friends boy to play with. There are rows and rows of trucks, cars and little action figure but there is a huge shortage of buddies. 
Let's be fair, just like your daughter loves to pretend with her doll friend your son also wants to pretend with his buddy. Well the struggle is over because now there's Wonder Crew by Play Monster. Your son can choose from the four different buddy option. He can choose the one he best identifies with or the one he falls in love with. Or better yet, collect all four!! Wonder Crew buddies come with a super fun outfit for not only the buddy but a matching on for your child too. 

Let's not stop there, why limit Wonder Crew to boys.....girls will love these buddies too. I myself would have totally wanted a Wonder Crew buddy as a kid. I was always cutting off my girl dolls hair and dressing them like boys in a desperate attempt to try and create male dolls. I wanted my girl dolls to have boyfriend/hubbies and due to the lack of male buddies I was forced to create my own. LOL :)

Look at this handsome fellow!!! He's amazing!! He's lovable and squishable. He has a soft huggable body with vinyl doll material legs, arms and head.

Combining the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of a stuffed animal, 15" Wonder Crew Buddies are available now. The crew includes Will (Caucasian), Marco (Hispanic), James (African American) and Erik (Asian).

Each comes dressed in superhero gear, complete with matching mask and cape for kids.

The matching outfit for your child is thee coolest ever!!! No other male buddies that I can think of offers this feature.  This allows your lil one to truly get into action with his matching hero. can you pretend to be on a construction crew with your construction buddy if you don't have the proper outfit? Wonder Crew has thought of all of this. Your child will officially be a team player with the matching team clothes.
These outfits are completely interchangeable so your child can go wherever his imagination will take him. Wonder Crew also has multiple other Adventure Packs: Builder includes a construction vest, outfit and hard hat for the buddy, and a matching vest for kids. Construction pack includes outfit printed with tool belt and tractor as well as a hard hat for the buddy and kids. Explorer pack features a safari looking outfit and hat for the buddy, and a matching hat for the child and Snuggler pack is a set of pajamas for the buddy, and a blanket for kids! Each is sold separately.
Inspired by boys but truly meant for any child, Wonder Crew builds emotional intelligence, imagination, confidence, and is 100% fun! Wonder Crew is for the kind, cool and creative child - that’s what it takes to live our motto: “Go anywhere. Be anything”.

You can find Wonder Crew Buddies at Target, Toys "R" Us and other awesome retailers at a totally awesome price. They have a retail price of $29.99 - $34.99 which beats the pants off of the other similar doll on the market. Wonder Crew is a fourth of the cost of it's competitor and in my honest opinion Wonder Crew is a better boy buddy. I have experienced them all and Wonder Crew is superior and all around more fun.

More buddies and adventures to come!
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