Mother's Day Gift Giving Ideas ~ Jande Candles Review

Mother's Day is a special time of the year. Picking out something for the special women in your life can be a hard task. Not knowing if it's something she will like, use or want. Flowers are nice but they die. Candy is always good but then you are just making her fat. So why not get something that lasts, looks beautiful and can be used daily or just brought out at special occasions. Jande Candles has that special gift.... Kiri Taper Candles, they are both beautiful and elegant, come in a beautiful variety of colors and will let her know you put some thought into something other then flowers this year....


Kiri Taper Candles burn for 7-14 hours depending on what set you purchase and are dripless. 
They are crafted in Denmark and come in over 30 colors in 7" or 12" high and 7/8" diameter. 
You can purchase Kiri Taper Candles in the following packs:

6-pack gift set, box of 12, box of 24 and special collections to celebrate different occasions. 

Comes in numerous different colors
These are my favorite Kiri Candles. 
"One of the best candles you'll ever try"
Kiri 12" Tapers also come in packs of 12 and 24 of one color


Might not be the best Mother's Day idea, but a very good idea if you are just looking for quality candles with a slight imperfection.

7" Danish Kiri Tapers
Pack of 12 per color. 14 colors to choose from.
These are the 7" Rustic Danish Kiri Tapers  Each pack comes with 12 tapers of the same color.
Many colors to choose from. 
I received Hot Pink and love them. They are the perfect shade of pink. 
I felt this is the BEST set for Mother's Day. 
Pick a set that you know the special lady in your life will love. Maybe her favorite color, or a color in her room, bathroom or just in the house. Buy that set. Along with a pair of holders and you have the perfect Mother's day gift ready to be given. No wrapping needed. These come in a nice box just add a card. 
You will receive 6 12" dripless tapers that burn for 14 hours, they are unscented. You can choose from the following color combinations:
  • Cool (Deep Ocean Blue - Green Mint - Light Green)
  • Festive (Dark Lilac - Deep Rose - Lemon Yellow)
  • Capricious (Coral - Cream - Colonial Blue)
  • Romance (Light Pink - Hot Pink - Red)
  •  Earthy (Florentine Clay - Curry - Moss Green)
  • Fiesta (Hot Pink - Sun Yellow - Green Apple)
  • Fall (Dark Orange - Plum - Caramel)
  •  Holiday (Red - Ivory - Dark Green)
  •  Yuletide (Bordeaux - White - Dark Green)