Power of 3 Seed Blends Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Power of 3 Nutrition’s Power Blends has these grab and go packets that would be perfect to add to any Mom's Mother's Day gift basket. What Mom isn't busy, especially in the morning. Power of 3 Nutrition’s makes Mom's morning meals easy with Power Blends. Grab & go. 
Add your Power Blends to morning smoothies, yogurt, cereal or even sprinkle on toast. 

Use Power of 3 Nutrition’s Power Blends to boost every meal with a perfect blend of seeds. Nothing’s processed, nothing’s artificial, and our blend contains 3x more fiber and protein than flaxseed alone.

Grab & go packets come in 5 different flavors

Sea Salt Garlic & Original

The best on salads & avocados 
This blend made with HIMALAYAN SEA SALT and Organic Garlic powder is targeted toward the synergy in the seeds coupled with all the trace minerals in the sea salt. In addition to its rich flavor the garlic powder is very anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. Helping support the good bacteria in the gut while fighting off the bad bacteria.
Good on Greek yogurt and mixed into a smoothie

ON THE GO? Original blend is the most versatile blend. You will get all the benefits of seed synergy and can add it to a variety of sweet or savory foods. Take it with you on the road to add to your meals. Travel health is so much more improved this way.


Sprinkle on hummus, add into a green smoothie, put on-top of a salad, no matter where you use the Turmeric Blend seed blend you will enjoy it. The taste is excellent. 

ON THE GO? This blend was formulated with the anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric in mind.  Ayurveda is a 3000-year-old way of healing the body through plant medicinals. Turmeric is a key botanical in this health system. We have added a touch of organic black pepper to multiply the anti-inflammatory benefits by 4000 times.

Coconut Goji & Maple Cinnamon

Delicious with Greek yogurt and fruit

This super blend was intended to support energy going into a strenuous workout or long day where focus and vitality are mandatory. Not to be taken when you want to sleep—this blend delivers the full impact of the seeds PLUS the whole energy giving benefits organic Goji Berries and Raw Coconut.
Can be seen in my Greek yogurt in the bowl above picture. So good!
We have your seed blend solution. Warm, cozy and delightful is the best way to describe our Maple Cinnamon Seed Blend. You will get all the benefits of seed synergy and can add it to a variety of sweet or savory foods. Perfect sprinkled on a smoothie bowl, shake or on top of oatmeal or added to overnight oats. 
You can purchase Power of 3 Seed Blends individually for $1.69 or by the case of 10 for $14.99
Grab one of each
Grab & Go Packet to add to any Mother's Day gift back. 
She will thank you