Rigoni di Asiago ~ Honey & Fiordifrutta Spread Review & Giveaway


Rigoni di Asiago is a family-owned company from Italy that produces delicious, organically farmed jam, honey and chocolate spreads. The Rigoni family lives in the Altopiano di Asiago, a mountain plateau in North Italy famous for its sunny climate, meadows and woodlands. In this tiny corner of paradise where man still lives in direct contact with nature, honey and jam making are long-standing traditions and, as a natural consequence, the Rigoni family has mastered these crafts. One family, one business.

Fiordifrutta fruit spreads come from organic farming. Each 8.82 ounce jar is made exclusively from over three pounds of selected organic fruit using using a patented low-temperature cooking process. Unlike most other spreads on the market, Fiordifrutta fruit spreads contain no added sugar. Sweetening is made instead with organic wild apple juice. This exclusive recipe preserves the nutrients of the natural fruit while significantly reducing the sugar substance content (30% or more compared to other spreads) and contains 30% fewer calories than most others.

Rigoni di asiago Fiordifrutta Organic Fruit Spreads come in 17 different flavors. There are so many delicious blends to pick from it's tough not to go home with them all. 
~ Apricot                     ~ Fig
~ Peach                        ~ Pomegranate
~ Strawberry               ~ Pink Grapefruit
~ Wild Berries             ~ Pear
~ Wild Blueberries       ~ Cherry
~ Raspberry                 ~ Cranberry
~ Lemon                       ~ Lingonberry
~ Seville Orange          ~Blackberry

                      ~Black Currant

I currently have Wild Berry, Strawberry and Lemon fruit spreads in my refrigerator. They are soooo good they truly don't last long because we just gobble them up. Rigoni di Asiago Fiordifrutta fruit spreads have NO ADDED SUGAR!! This is huge. I tend to avoid jams and jellies because they have so much added sugar I might as well be eating candy and soda. We try to avoid sugar in my family, so I feel really good about serving Fiordifrutta fruit spreads.

I love that the ingredients list on these spread consists of only a few natural ingredients. There's no huge long list of things I've never hear of and no red dye this or blue dye that. Fiordifutta organic fruit spread is just that......fruit. I had to try the Lemon spread. I love that there are so many flavors that are not "typical" . The lemon is super  good and can be used on multiple food. I like it with chicken. It is intriguingly tart and indispensable in the preparation of pies and cakes. The Lemon spread provides a wonderful extra touch during morning breakfast.

Rigoni di Asiago honey is collected from selected Italian beehives. A natural food par excellence, honey requires careful processing to maintain its toning, vitalizing and soothing properties. Defined as “raw” honey because it is cold-processed (patented byRigoni di Asiago) it is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and organic acids as well as natural antibacterial and antibiotic properties. Regular in-house inspections and independent certification authorities check the honey to guarantee the entire line from collection to the jar.
Rigoni di Asiago Mielbio Organic Italian Honey comes in 7 sweet flavors.
~Italian Acacia Raw Honey
~Italian Chestnut Raw Honey
~Italian Forest Raw Honey
~Italian Orange Blossom Raw & Creamy Honey

~Italian Wildflower Raw & Creamy Honey
~Limited Edition Italian Mandarin Honey
Italian Lime Honey

Wildflower Honey is delicious on everything. I really love it in my tea. Mielbio Flowers is the classic honey millefiori of northern and central Italy. It is great with breakfast spread on bread or toast, and as a sweetener for yogurt.

Mandarin Limited Edition is like gold. This Mandarin Honey has a flavor that is delicate and sweet. It is made in Calabria, an area of Italy that is well-suited for the production of Clementines, a fruit also known as Mandarin oranges. These fruits are grown in plantations that are devoted exclusively to organic farming methods. 26 bee colonies from over 2,000 production hives create the honey from nectar produced in the Clementine blossoms. Mandarin Honey is produced each year between the beginning of April and mid-May in a micro-climate that’s idea for the production of this unique honey.


Italian orange Blossom honey is my go to for spreading on my peanut butter and bread. Light amber in color, the orange blossom solidifies during the year. It can be especially appreciated at breakfast and to sweeten herbal teas.

The taste is pleasantly sweet and full, reminiscent of almonds and orange zest.

Mielbio Organic Italian Honey is organic, non-GMO, Kosher certified, and gluten free.

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