NeoCell ~ Mother's Day ~ Ceramides Skin Hydrator Review & Giveaway


Why do I think EVERY Mom needs NeoCell Ceramides Skin Hydrartor for Mother's Day, first you see results in 15 days or less, second it really works, third what Mom doesn't need extra moisture in her skin & smoother skin,  forth because NeoCell has the best skin products out there that are truly awesome. Everything I have tried from this company and continue to use on a daily basis works and works fast. 
Ceramides work from within to give you glowing, beautiful, healthy skin, even if you’ve experienced skin disorders or damage.

If you have a Walgreen's, Sam's Club or CVS near you go grab a 60 count bottle, Sam's Club 120 count bottle, of NeoCell Ceramides Skin Hydrator.
But please check with your local store first. I had a hard time finding it where I live. Only one of my Walgreens 25 minutes away carries it and they only had 3 bottles in stocks. I bought 2. Some of these stores may sell it online too. 
But so far I have only seen it in stores. 

My personal experience so far with this product: I am/was a lotion-a-holic. I use lotion every day a few times a day. My skin is so dry, always has been. I blame it mostly on a lack of I don't have a thyroid and living in Arizona, but I also think I just have a love for lotion and go overboard with it sometimes, ok all the time. My boyfriend thinks i'm nuts sometimes so it must be pretty bad. I of course didn't notice I was using lotion less, he did. But he kept it to himself for the first two-three weeks figuring if he said anything it would ruin it. Once he finally spoke up it made me realize he was right I was just putting a small amount on in the morning and not lathering up before getting in bed and after coming home from work and changing into different clothes. Just think of how much money I will save in lotion =) and all that time I spend lathering up and being sticky. Now that I might of fought off my lotion addiction I also have beautiful not dry and flaky looking skin, even my feet aren't dry. Everything about my skin looks great. I am so happy with the results I am getting I am now on my second bottle and have a third one ready to go when that's empty. I also purchased this for my Mom for Mother's Day. She is not as much a lotion addict as I am but she does have dry skin so she will love this product just like me. 


Just take 2 of these easy to swallow capsules daily. I take mine in the morning with the rest of my daily vitamins & pills so I don't forget. 

So why should ceramides be an important piece of your skincare routine?
Ceramides work from within to give you glowing, beautiful, healthy skin, even if you’ve experienced skin disorders or damage.
What Are Ceramides, and Why Are They Important?Ceramides are a plant-based lipid, and are naturally found in the skin. It plays an important role in maintaining your skin’s water permeability function, which is a scientific way of saying that it helps keep your skin moisturized.
While there are many variables to changing levels of ceramides in skin, it has been proven that some skin disorders lead to changing ceramide patterns, leading to distressed skin.
The science behind this is fascinating (or we think so, at least). A studypublished in 2003 in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology showed that using a formulation of lipids (including ceramides) can help improve the skin’s condition.
A 2005 study in the same journal proved that ceramides help improve the skin’s water-holding capacity, which suffers in unhealthy skin. Skin disorders can lead to a change in lipid composition, but this can be reversed by supplementing with ceramides.
Ceramides are important because they can not only help heal skin conditions, but they can also improve overall skin appearance. This is why we’ve developed a ceramide product; good skin should be easy to achieve

In a randomized, double-blind clinical study, results showed an increase in moisture and elasticity. This means participants left the study with healthier, glowing skin than when they began.


A New Way to Improve Your Skin
We’re excited to share Ceramides Skin Hydrator, a glow-from-within product we’ve developed to help your skin retain moisture and a youthful appearance.
Moisturizing, exfoliating, and facials can all improve your skin, but these are external. Ceramides, though, help improve your skin from the inside out. And this includes all skin, not just your face and neck.
In fact, our independent research shows that results can be seen within 15 days when taking the recommended dosage of Super Ceramides.
( I noticed results in about 8 days & continued to see results. I am on month two of using this product and I just picked up a bottle for my Mom for Mother's Day)
Why Ceramides Skin Hydrator Creates Glowing SkinWe’ve developed Ceramides Skin Hydrator with bioavailable and bioactive ceramides, which means the formula maximizes absorption. We’ve also added our HydraBlend for even more skin moisturizing power.
As discovered in these medical studies, supplementing with ceramides can help reconstitute the skin’s composition. This means that your skin’s quality will improve as the ceramides begin to restore its water permeability function.
And all this benefit in just two pills a day.
We believe great skin should be easy to achieve, which is why we’ve created this ceramide formula. Give it a try for just 15 days, and see the difference this naturally occurring, plant-based ingredient can make for your skin.
At NeoCell, we’re dedicated to developing products to improve your health. As with all our products, Ceramides Skin Hydrator is GMP certified and non-GMO. It’s also a gluten free product, and only features the highest quality ingredients possible.


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