GoMacro Review

GoMacro believes in feeling good about what we eat- how it tastes, how it’s made, and how it sustains the environment. Family owned and based in a small rural community, their wholesome food maintains goodness on all levels. Small in size but big on impact, they are a big picture company. GoMacro believes the pursuit of health is a path of living in balance with ourselves and nature with products that have positive effects on the world.
It is important to provide your body with the fuel it needs to get through the day but you don't want to just fill it with  junk. It's difficult to function if you don't give your body the proper nutrition. We all know what it's like to be hungry or eat something that hypes us up on sugar and then makes us crash really hard. It's not good at all. It makes us grumpy, tired and feeling weak.  
"If your want to give your body the proper food, the fuel it needs to power through the day then try GoMacro bars."
If your want to give your body the proper food, the fuel it needs to power through the day then try GoMacro bars. These are the perfect snack to take with you on a hike, a camp trip or even to work. Sometimes we are too busy to stop and make a meal that has every vitamin, mineral and ingredient that we need. With GoMacro you can get all of these things quickly, on the go and even better yet......THEY TASTE DELICIOUS!!!  Seriously, how many 
times have you bought a protein bar and it tastes like dirty. You chew it down and leaves you feeling unsatisfied. GoMacro will never let you down. I was happily surprised at how incredible these bars taste. It's awesome because it fills that craving you get for something yummy as well as providing your body with the fuel it needs.
It's hard to choose but I think at least for the moment my favorite GoMacro bar is the peanut butter chocolate chip. No salt, no refined sugar, no weird ingredients. Add in GoMacros newest plant based protein blend from sprouted brown rice and peas and you end up with 12 grams protein to get you up and running. Yum!!!! The best part is the organic fair trade chocolate chips. ....what more could you ask for?
GoMacro had a huge line of bars to choose from. I personally have a tough time picking so I love, love that they have a variety box I can order. That way I get to have a little bit of everything. You can also purchase boxes of your own personal favorites and have them delivered to your home. This is super awesome because you never have to run out of you favorite GoMacro bars.

GoMacro bars come in two sizes. You can buy 2.4 oz bars that come in a pack of 12 or you can buy them individually. You can also grab some GoMacro minis that come in a case of 24. These minis make the perfect snack. You can toss them into your purse, gym bag or kids lunches. 

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