Daily Goodie Box Review

This months Daily Goodie Box was packed full of some nice and very useful full size products along with some sample products. I put my Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch to use right away, my back has been bothering me for day, so it was a nice thing to receive. I will talk about it below. 
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This month my 
Daily Goodie Box
had the following items in it:


I have actually reviewed for this company before. 
Excellent coffee and it couldn't of come at a better time. I was down to my last scoop of coffee grounds. What better way to start your morning with a cup of Dark KICK ASS KICKING HORSE COFFEE
Perfect on the go Men's Cologne wipes
Each pack contains one wipe that smells wonderful. 
Yellow Wipe LEGEND:
Style: For a sexy, sophisticated, subtle, and spontaneous man
Notes: Grapefruit, Ginger, Mandarin, Aquatic Molecules, Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood, Musk
Red Wipe CHAMP:
Style: Fresh. Spicy. Leather.
Notes: Frosted Grapefruit, Blood Mandarin, Peppermint, Rose Absolute, Musk, Cinnamon Bark, Blond Leather, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, White Wood, Amber Ketal.
Green Wipe VIP:
Style: Balanced between brightness and sensuality
Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Fresh Pineapple, Papaya, Jasmine, Violet, Rose, Nutmeg, Musk.
Style: The fragrance for the man who would be many men at once.
Notes: Wormwood, Bergamot, Cardamom, Lavender, Orange Blossom, Cinnamon, Cumin, Wood, Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean.


Beauty is uplifting Face Cream 
Single Use Sample

Beautiful skin can be yours wherever you go! Fruit stem cell complex, resveratrol CoQ10, DMAE, and hyaluronic acid join forces for a more lifted, firmer, youthful appearance and a rejuvenated complexion.

Apply to a clean and dry face and neck. 
I didn't really notice much "lifting" but I did notice soft skin. I got 3 days out of this single use sample. A little goes a long ways. My face looks great and it's very soft. I do see a slight firmness around my lips area. So it's doing something, maybe should continue use. 


ONA Cookies
These wonderful cookie bars come in a wide variety of flavors. I received Peanut Butter, YUMMY!
It was so good and good for you. 
  • A tasty and healthy on the go snack that will satisfy both your appetite and sweet tooth.
  • Grain Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and NO refined sugars.
  • Sweetened only with Organic Honey.
  • Full of Healthy Fats and Clean Energy.
  • Certified Gluten Free and Paleo Friendly.
Ona Cookies are a tasty and healthy on the go snack full of clean ingredients and healthy fats that will satisfy both your appetite and sweet tooth. Sweetened with honey, filled with organic coconut oil and nutrient dense almond flour and nuts, Ona Cookies eliminate the spike and crash effect commonly associated with refined sugars and fruit sweetened bars. Great for snacks, dessert, outdoor activities, or even as a meal replacement. Ona Cookies are a very healthy alternative to an energy, snack, or candy bar! Ona Cookies are the best tasting cookies since...ever!
Creamy Peanut Butter

came in a pouch that was perfect for lunch boxes or hiking or throwing in your bag for on the go yumminess. 
I don't see that they sell them like this, maybe it was just for the Daily Goodie Box sample, but if they don't they should. 
Excellent, yummy product. 
Some of the best peanut butter I have ever had. 

Consisting of 2 simple ingredients, peanut + sea salt, we source GEORGIA GROWN peanuts, slow roast them and grind to our signature texture in our CREAMY version.


Happy Little Bodies
Eczema Body Wash & Shampoo

  • Soap-free, non-irritating alternative to traditional, harsh shampoos & soaps
  • 2-in-1 body wash & shampoo
  • Sting-free, ph-balanced for children and babies
  • Free from SLS, parffin, coal or pine tar

  • Use on affected area in place of regular soap and shampoo for the management of itching, irritation, redness and flaking skin
  • Rinse off with plenty of water
  • Avoid very hot water
  • For best results, use in conjunction with Natralia Happy Little Bodies Eczema Relief Cream for itchy flare-ups and Eczema Moisturizing Lotion to nourish skin every day



Super yummy and only 5 calories. 
Easy to use, just tear open and add into your water bottle. Drink! Delicious!

Volo Energy isn’t just about working out harder or getting more done. It’s about feeling great, no matter what’s on your to-do list.
We’ve taken our proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and seventeen different fruits and added just the right amount of natural energy boosters, including a full complement of B vitamins and essential amino acids. These energizing nutrients help both body and mind power through tough workouts and recover more quickly and more completely.
Volo Energy is ultra portable, has no added sugar, and is ready to hit the gym when you are. Just dissolve a pack in a glass of water or juice and enjoy a fresh, delicious way to hydrate your body and give it the nutrients it needs—no matter what lies ahead.


If you've never tried ginger chews before you should 
They are an excellent anytime candy chew or perfect for when you have an upset stomach or motion sickness, morning sickness or sea sickness issues. 
I have always been a fan of Ginger Chews. 
My Mom sends me a bag for every holiday. 

Prince of Peace® Ginger Candy are great for the whole family. The sweet ginger taste is warming to the senses. Ginger is also known for bringing comfort to the stomach.

Can be purchased online HERE

Purchase at the above stores 
I buy these and other Tiger Balm products ALL the time, love this brand. This couldn't of arrived at a better time.
I have been having horrible back pains for days, get them from time to time and just used up my last pain patch. 
These work great. 
Stick it to the pain.
Combining Tiger Balm's blend of herbal ingredients with the cleanliness of a patch, Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patches provide strong and convenient pain relief for hours with minimal odor. They're not messy or greasy, and will not stain clothing. The ventilated hydrogel patch contours to your body to deliver optimal comfort and relief, and the pull-and-peel protective film makes it easy to apply and painless to remove.
Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch is also available in a large size for larger body parts, especially the lower back.
Both sizes come in a reusable zip pouch for convenient storage and use.
TIGER BALM PAIN RELIEVING PATCH USESFor temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with: 
Muscle and joint aches
Pain in the lower back and larger body areas
They aren't joking when they say boosts energy and freshens breath
  1. Made for people who want energy, great taste, and convenience in one product. Strong flavor with a fresh kick that'll energize you and freshen your breath.
  2. 40 milligrams of caffeine per mint (about half a cup of coffee's worth or half an energy drink) so you can have as much or as little caffeine as you need.
  3. Vitamin B complex in each mint - Niacin (B3), Vitamin B6, Folic Acid (B9), & Vitamin B12.
  4. 20 mints per tin, sugar free, zero calories, & proudly made in the USA. 
  5. Vegan, Star K Kosher, Gluten/Dairy/Soy/Wheat Free.

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