TrustyPup Comfort Oasis Memory Foam Dog Bed Review

My dogs love their TrustyPup Comfort Oasis Memory Foam beds. 
We put one on the living room floor and one at the foot of our bed for them to sleep in. 
The cats are even enjoying the bed. How could they not, it's so soft, comfortable and plush. 
I wish my bed was this comfortable. 
We added the blue blanket at night for Duncan the kitty since it's been so cold. He sleeps in this bed all night.
The first night all 3 of them got in the bed, trying to figure out who it was for. I should of taken a pic, it was so cute. They looked confused. Jacky the black Shih Tzu kept going from the tan/brown to grey bed. They finally all settled on the grey one and none of them would go near the tan/brown for a few days. It was really odd, that is why I decided to  put that one upstairs. Once I did they actually started to use it. Still no clue why they wouldn't go in it downstairs. Oh well, they like it at the end of the bed. Both the girls get in it at night and I cover them up, freeing up the bed for us to sleep, I just have to give up some foot space. 
The quality of this bed is excellent. The stitching is well sewn so I don't have to worry about when they dig into it that they might snag a seam and it come undone. It's been well used in the 2 plus weeks we've had it in our home and it still looks brand new. 
The memory foam padding is thick on the bottom, the sides have a thick wall of padding so even when they stand on, sit on or walk across it, it just bounces right back. 

TrustyPet has four styles of pet beds, to give your dog superior comfort regardless of a dog's size, age or sleep style. 

The color-coded CompleteNeeds System helps you identify the ideal bed for your dog.
Pick up a TrustyPup Memory Foam bed for your pets today, they will thank you. 
Seriously these beds are so soft and comfortable.
I wish I was small enough to cuddle up and fall asleep on one. 

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