Loving Pets ~ Le Bol for Dogs & Cats Review

Loving Pets makes a beautiful line of pet bowls called Le Bol
They are brightly colored bowls that are lined with a ceramic like interior. 
These beautiful bowls come in four sizes and five different colors perfect for any pet. 
My dogs and cats love their
Medium  Chartreuse Le Bol.
It looks great sitting on our wood floor and goes perfect with my kitchen decor. 
Reminiscent of famous French cookware, Le Bols are gorgeous, extremely durable, stainless steel bowls with a ceramic-like interior. Interiors are brightly colored with a look of ceramic overstain, which highlights the ribbed walls and embossed paw in the bottom.
Le Bols also have an integrated skid and noise-free rubber base.
And of course, they are top-rack dishwasher safe.
We have two of these beautiful bowls one in the medium size and one in the large. The large is the bowl I have in both pictures. We use it for water. I refill it morning and night since we have 4 animals drinking out of it, 2 cats and 2 small dogs, of course they have a large water dish outside and one upstairs but this is their favorite.
As soon as I change the water Katy the cat pictures coming running, she loves fresh water and she always has to get the first drink. So can be sound asleep and seems to know when
I pick this bowl up to change the water, she never misses refill time. 

Bordeaux Le Bol

Chartreuse Le Bol

Lilac Le Bol

Parisian Gray Le Bol

Seine Blue Le Bol

ALL bowls come in Extra-Small, Small, Medium & Large
and can be purchased at a store near you
CLICK HERE to find the nearest location to you. 
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