All Terrain Bite & Sting Soother Spray Review & Giveaway


All Terrain sells safe, effective products to help people live more active, healthier lives. All Terrain’s products try to disprove the myth that if the products contain natural-based ingredients, it can’t work as well as chemical-based products. The products are developed by and for outdoor enthusiasts for use whether trekking in the backcountry or relaxing with family in your backyard.  In addition to wanting people to live healthier lives, the company is based on caring and a desire to protect the environment.

I received All Terrain Bite & Sting Soother Spray just in time for summer. This is a must have in your purse, medicine cabinet and camping kits. It quickly soothes irritating itchy, bug bites and helps keep your skin from getting all torn up from scratching your bites too hard.

I spend a lot of time outside and it the garden. I am a total mosquito magnet. As soon as the sun even thinks about going down the bugs come out and start biting me. They even bite me through my clothes.

When the kids are out riding bikes and when we have family camping trips the bugs are hard at work stinging, biting and nipping at our skin. It drives the kids crazy. It's easier for us adults to hold back from itching than it is for the kids. They rip and tear at their bites until they bleed and scab over. All Terrain Bite & Sting Soother Spray

is a lifesaver for this issue. It comes in a easy to use pump spray bottle.  I was pleasantly surprised the first time I sprayed it. I assumed it would be a thin runny fluid that left an oily coating but it is not at all like that. 

It sprays on more like a lotion type consistency and does not drip away. 


It sits right where you shoot it and then rubs in wonderfully with no grease oil left over on your skin. It has a very light eucalyptus scent so it will not leave you stinking of medicine. 

All Terrain products are all natural and cruelty free so you can feel safe using them on your childrens skin. You can also feel good about purchasing All Terrain products because this company does not test on adorable little animals.

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