Ora Organics Review

Ora sells wonderful organic, plant-based & sustainable supplements that work and taste great. 
Ora Organic was created by and for healthy foodies to replace synthetic supplements with nutrients from organic & sustainable sources.
That means omega-3 from microalgae and protein from plants!
I was very impressed with both the products I received from ORA. 
My favorite was Trust Your Gut, 
Trust Your Gut is a wonderful organic & plant-based probiotic powder. Not only does it taste great, it works great. 
It's got a wonderful apple & raspberry fruity taste that blends up nice and smooth in a cup of water or smoothie. I use mine in water daily. Just one small scoop to 1.5oz of water is all it takes. Best taken before a meal but you can take it anytime of the day. I drink mine first thing in the morning, even before my morning cup of coffee. It's like my morning treat. If that's even a thing =) Best part, it containes NO dairy, gluten, soy, GMOs, peanuts, tree nuts, added sugars, filler ingredients, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives.
If you have tummy issues, give this product a try. I do and my stomach thanks ORA for introducing me to 
it's been a life saver. Before I was a mess and trust me I have tried just about everything. Even perscription products. Nothing seems to help, not eating is sometimes my only option for the day. But now with drinking just one glass of Trust Your Gut in the morning I am not having the issues I had before. My tummy actually likes me again. 
It's truly amazing. I never thought I would find something that works, maybe becuase ORA makes this product wtih natural things, not a bunch of fillers. It's organic and plant-based. 
  • I’m a USDA Organic probiotic and prebiotic powder with 20 billion probiotics per serving and 6 strains that support optimal digestive health* and peak immune function*
  • I contain some of the most clinically documented and acid resistant probiotic strains in the world so you can get back to trusting your gut :P One scoop of me is 20% of your daily fiber needs and I come packed with organic prebiotics. Prebiotics serve as fuel for probiotics - they help the good bacteria thrive in your gut so your probiotics can get to work!
  • Our chef designed me to taste great with a little water or in a smoothie - I never include filler ingredients, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. Nobody needs that junk!
  • I don’t need to be refrigerated because I’m freeze-dried
One container contains 30 servings. If you watch calories each serving contains 30 calories and 7g carbs. 
Probiotics are living microorganisms that scientific research has shown to benefit human health. In some cases they are similar to, or the same as, the microbes already found in a healthy digestive tract. These microorganisms in our digestive tract are collectively called our microbiome.
The microbiome is tied to digestion, the immune system, mood balance, essential nutrient creation, and plays a role in allergic reactions as well as viral, bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. 

The microbiome can be thrown out of balance through stress, food, alcohol, exercise, medications and antibiotics. That’s why taking a daily probiotic is so important to maintaining balance in the microbiome.
Ora's Probiotic Blend contains clinically documented and acid resistant strains to give a comprehensive mix of probiotic species for optimal digestive health, immune function, mood balance, hair & skin health, and pathogen fighting support (candida, yeast, bacterial and viral)*
Ora's Nothing Fishy Here is a great Orange tasting omega-3 spray. Just shake and spray, 12 times directly into mouth - Ora suggests 2 rounds of 6 sprays each. 
Since using I have noticed the most results in my nails and skin. 
My nails look great and my skins less dry. 
The taste is great too. 
Nothing fishy about it, just a great orange taste. 
  • I’m the first ever omega-3 spray, delivering 1000mg of vegan omega-3 per serving. Studies show omega-3 may improve cognitive function,* brain health,* skin & hair health,* eye health* & heart health.*
  • Sustainably sourced from microalgae farmed in pure waters outside of the oceans, making me free of mercury, pesticides, PCBs, heavy metals and other ocean pollutants.
  • The Ora Chef formulated me with MCT Oil from coconut to deliver nutrients quickly to the brain* as well as organic sunflower lecithin, a phospholipid, to aid in omega-3 absorption and bioavailability.*
  • No fishy after burps or hard to swallow pills because a chef used organic pineapple and orange flavor to make me taste like a burst of fresh fruit - just spray directly into the mouth or onto food!
  • One bottle of Nothing Fishy Here has the equivalent omega-3 as 6 pounds of high quality salmon. Save a fish, spray some algae!
Approx. 30 servings per container. 17 calories per serving & packed full
of nothing but good for you and organic ingredients. 

DHA Omega-3 is a key nutrient that supports: Brain Health,* Working Memory and Cognitive Function,* Eye Health,* Skin, Nail and Hair Health,* Heart Health* and Prenatal & Child Health.*One bottle of Nothing Fishy Here has the equivalent DHA omega-3 of 6 lbs of high quality salmon. Other vegan sources (like flax or chia) provide ALA omega-3. Only 3% of ALA gets converted to the essential fatty acid DHA. 60% of the human brain is made from fat and DHA accounts for over 30% of those fats.