Bob's Pickle Pops Review & Discount Code

Who doesn't like pickles.... now you can have the next best thing Pickle Pops, they are wonderful pickle-flavored juice in soft plastic tubes that can be frozen and consumed like a popsicle, or as a drink at room temperature.
I like them at room temperature or very cold, but not frozen. 
Just a warning, they are VERY addicting. 
Perfect for a cool treat on a hot summer day, or an afternoon when you feel like an inexpensive, guilt-free snack to get you through till dinner.
Perfect for when you need sodium back into your system. 
Each Pickle Pop contains 

250 mg sodium per serving
Grab a few pops and take the hiking, biking or with you to the gym. 
Good room temperature, cold, frozen. 
No pieces, just all juice. Perfect for on the go. 
Great for kids, young or old. 
Excellent for pickle addicts =)
Easy to tear open 
and ONLY 5 calories per pop
You can purchase Bob's Pickle Pops in packages of 10, 50, 75, 100. 150 or 200. Could you image 200 Bob's Pickle Pops, it would be like being in heaven. You could have one a day for 200 days. Oh man, that would be nice. These truly are addicting. I am a huge pickle addict. I could eat pickles all day every day. So when I was introduced to Bob's Pickle Pops I instantly fell in love. 
Bob's Pickle Pops are The Original Pickle Pops! and it shows. I have tried a few other pickle pop brands and they aren't as good, these truly are the BEST!

Original Pickle Juice Pops, since 2007. National media outlets such as Forbes, Inc, the Today Show, Chopped Junior and dozens more have hailed Bob's Pickle Pops as spearheading the national trend in pickle-juice enthusiasm! Their juice is a cut above the rest. They  don't skimp on quality.

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Bob's Pickle Pops
PERFECT for these Hot Summer Days. 
You are missing out until you try a Pickle Pop.