UPSTEP Custom Orthotics Review

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I have tried other brands of orthotics before. But never anything this custom. 
I wish I would have taken a picture of the box I received on step two, but luckily there's a picture on the UPSTEP site I will include below to show you how the whole process worked.
It was great, fun and exciting to wait for my custom orthotics to arrive. 
Easy to use website. Didn't take too long to arrive (12 days) after step two was sent back and they fit and feel AMAZING!

My feet have never been happier. Not just my feet, but my body. The support these give are amazing. It's like I'm walking on a cloud. My body is no longer as tired at the end of the day. I don't ache or have so much pain.
As some of you may know I used to be a home health care provider but recently the lady I worked for passed away. I went back to the job I did in the past, something I do best, house cleaning. I now clean two homes a day. I am no longer a spring chicken, my body is getting old and along with that comes old feet and aches and pains. I also have planters fasciitis on my left foot. My new UPSTEP Custom Orthotics keep he planters fasciitis at bay, no more aches and stabbing pains all day. 

Below I want to show you how easy the process was to obtain your UPSTEP Custom Orthotics


Just place an order online from home or on the go from your phone or other internet ready device. 

Just answer a few simple questions like what will you be using the Orthotics for?
Everyday Activities ~ All Day, Normal Everyday Activity
Sports Activities ~ What kind of Sports? 

After that you will be asked another set of easy to answer questions: Male or Female? What color do you want your inserts to be? Shoe Size? What types of shoes will the inserts be going in? Foot pain issues?


Receive the kit I was talking about above. I wish I had taken a picture or video of the kit. But it looks exactially like the kit shown here. Just step into it. Hold onto something while doing so, that way you get your foot into it correctly. 
One side for each foot ~ right & left. 

Simple & Easy

When done, send it back in the self addressed, stamped envelope provided. 


Within 12 days of sending back STEP TWO, you will receive your UPSTEP Custom Orthotics. 
After inserting into your shoes you will be amazed. 
I must have walked around 45 minutes or longer, I never wear shoes in the house, but I was so excited with the instant results and the comfort I didn't even care or think about taking my shoes off.
I was truly AMAZED. 

Your feet will THANK YOU 

My only issues I had with the UPSTEP inserts was my inserts/shoes sometimes get wet. If they do the inserts get wet and they don't feel good wet. So on days that I now know or think my feet will get wet while cleaning (more intense cleaning days) I take them out of my shoes. If they do get wet I just take them out at the end of the day and let them air dry. My second issue, if I want to switch shoes I can't... to a point. These  mainly fit in the shoes I showed while STEP ONE of ordering my inserts, my most worn shoes or shoes I picked for the inserts to go into.. I have another pair of athletic shoes I really want to wear to work, I can, but not with my UPSTEP inserts. They won't fit, length and width wise they fit fine, height wise they don't fit at all. My shoes become so tight I can't even get my foot in. I even took out the current inserts. I guess these are just too thick.  Oh well, I guess wearing that pair a shoes with the custom orthotics wasn't meant to be. Overall I am VERY HAPPY with the comfort, durability and support they give me. If you too are on your feet all day, even a small part of the day and want comfort, check these out. Your feet will thank you. 
Why Custom Orthotics?
Why are custom orthotics much better than the cheaper standard mass production inserts?
Well, it's like comparing customized glasses made for your eyes by a professional optometrist to glasses you can buy at any supermarket - there’s just no comparison.

Our custom orthotics are top quality and cost 40%-60% less when compared to other foot specialists.

Each pair of the custom orthotics is made with the most advanced materials available and manufacturing methods. We use over 56 different material combinations to give the ideal level of comfort and support, to help your feet work the best.
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