Nom Nom Now Follow-Up Review

Week 3 of my dogs eating Nom Nom Now

Molly is enjoying her Nom Nom Now Porkalicious Potluck. Jacky not pictured is still not sure about the food. She will eat it, but it takes her some time to get started. I was never able to snap a picture of them both eating at the same time. 
Both of them have shown signs of shinier and softer coats, more energy and play time. 
I believe the Nom Nom Now fresh foods are improving their daily routine. 
It was a little hard to get them both to eat this food. You would think they would love it, but they didn't. Now when Molly see's me get the packets out of the fridge she comes running and waits for dinner. Like I said Jacky is still a little leary of the food. She is on the pickier side and always has been. I do still mix a small amount of dry food with their Nom Nom Now food just because they seem to like it. The girls eat their Nom Nom Now food twice a day, morning and night. Only at night do I add less than 1/4 cup of dry food. 
This week to come we are trying a new flavor of Nom Nom Now and I will report back on how they are doing and what I notice different in them.