EQyss Pet Grooming Products Review

EQyss Grooming Products
For Equine & Pets (Dogs & Cats)

My boyfriend is a dog groomer/bather, so he has tried many pet grooming products. 
He brought the EQyss grooming products I was sent for review
to work for himself and the others to try. 
They all came back to me with very positive reviews. 
Below I will say what they thought about each product. 
I too have tried 3 of the products at home on my own dogs & one cat. 
I was very happy with the results and the wonderful scents. 
The Premier Pet Spray was by far my favorite product from EQyss. 
The scents on all these are wonderful. 
Elite Shampoo
Sulfate & Paraben Free
EQyss ELITE Sulfate & Paraben Free Conditioning
Shampoo is infused with the perfect blend of oils &
extracts that leave your pets coat clean, moisturized
and radiantly beautiful in one easy bathing routine.
Tropical Berry Scent
  • Hemp Seed, Pomegranate Seed, Sunflower Oils: For natural conditioning, soothing, strengthening, moisturizing and known UV protection.
  • Panthenol: For hydrating and moisturizing.
  • Aloe Vera: For healing, soothing and conditioning.
  • Lavender & Avocado Extracts: For shine enhancement, soothing and cleansing.
  • Vitamin E: For healing
  • Vegetable Protein: For hair strengthening, radiance, luxury, and shine.
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: For pH
  • neutralization
The Elite Conditioning Shampoo leaves your dog's coat
super soft and smelling wonderful. Perfect for long or
short hair dogs. 
My boyfriends work has been using this product on dogs for a few days. He said a little goes a long ways.
After washing and blow drying the
dogs he said their fur looks great, he said tons of customers have commented
on how clean and soft 
their dogs are. 
Chew Proof It! Anti-Chew

Protect your shoes, carpet, furniture, etc. and your
pet’s teeth, gums and digestive tract from the harmful effects of chewing! Chew Proof It! is an effective
anti-chew spray that is guaranteed to stop your pet
from chewing. Chew Proof It! is safe to spray on shoes, furniture, carpet, fences, baseboards, rugs,
blankets, bandages or any other surface your pet
desires to chew.
  • Guaranteed to stop pets from chewing or all
  • surfaces
  • Will not harm household plants or vegetation
  • Non-staining and is safe for all sufaces
  • Long-lasting
We have not tried this product, we don't have pets that chew on anything. But I am saving it for my neighbor
she is soon, hopefully getting a new puppy and I am sure
will need this Chew Proof It! Spray. 
Premier Pet Spray
Premier Spray is a moisturizing spray that does not coat your pet’s skin or hair with silicone, oil, or synthetic polymers. Developed specifically to attract and bind moisture captured from the air to the skin via your pet’s coat. Premier Pet Spray uses a unique Scientifically Superior formula that adds intense moisture to your pet’s coat without leaving a residue. Premier Pet Spray should be used daily, and especially whenever you bathe or brush your pet. For best results, use with Premier Pet Shampoo and Premier Pet Conditioner for maximum yet gentle cleaning, color intensifying, and conditioning. Refreshing floral scent.
  • Moisturizes skin and coat
  • Volumizes coat
  • Non-oily or greasy
  • Instantly soothes dry skin
  • Repels dust & dirt
  • Conditions and moisturizes coat
  • Leaves no residue
  • Safe to breathe
  • Won’t burn eyes
  • Non-Toxic
This was my favorite EQyss product. I let my boyfriend take it to work, but had him bring it back the same day.
Everyday I spray this on my dogs before brushing them. I also use it on my cats. All of their fur looks great. 
They are not greasy, just soft and have a beautiful shine. I feel like they stay cleaner longer when using this spray. 
The smell is wonderful. So tropical and fruity. 
Micro-Tek Pet Shampoo
SOOTHES ON CONTACT! Our most popular formula.
Fast acting, safe and effective for all pets. Helps you
dog, cat, puppy or kitten stop scratching, itching, biting, or licking hot spots in as little as 1 bath. Provides a
healthy environment for healing. Works better than
Oatmeal, Coal Tar, or Tea Tree shampoos. Use with
Micro-Tek Pet Spray for maximum effectiveness and
round-the-clock relief. A great shampoo to get even the dirtiest pets truly clean without stripping essential oils from the coat and skin. Floral fragrance. When problems are eliminated, use Premier Pet Shampoo & Spray.
  • Bites cuts scrapes
  • Hot Spots
  • Soothes dry itchy skin
  • Removes pet odor
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Non-Toxic
At his work they wash quite a few dogs with hot spots
or who's owners complain that their dogs are always
itchy. He said they have had a few customers say
whatever they used on their dog is working, hot spots
are going away and less itchy dogs. This shampoo
also smells great. 

About EQyss

Our History
Founded in 1991, EQyss Grooming Products manufactures Premium quality grooming products using Scientifically
Superior ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing processes. Our brands include Micro-Tek®, Premier, Mega-Tek®, Flea-Bite®, and Avocado Mist®. Our commitment to Clean Technology includes using solar energy, purified water,
and the highest manufacturing standards. Made in the USA and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Our Team
EQyss Grooming Products was founded in 1991 by compassionate pet owners who wanted a better quality grooming
product for their family pets. EQyss Grooming Products manufactures cutting edge equine grooming products using
Scientifically Superior ingredients, formulations, and manufacturing processes. Our brands include Micro-Tek®,
Premier, Mega-Tek® and Avocado Mist® to name a few. We manufacture all of our products in our own facility located in Vista, California using only U.S. sourced raw materials. Our commitment to Clean Technology includes using solar
energy, purified water, and FDA manufacturing standards to ensure the highest quality for all of our products. 
EQyss Scientifically Superior.
You can easily recognize us on the shelf. EQyss is the ORIGINAL product in the black bottle.
If you are looking for good quality equine or pets grooming products look no further. 
All the products tested by my boyfriend and his work they were happy with. 
They liked the results and said each and every one was top quality. 
No matter if they were grooming/washing a dog or cat they said they product got them 
perfectly clean, left their coats nice and soft and had a great shine after drying. 
All products smelled great and left the dog, even after drying smelling great. 
They also liked how all the ingredients in the products were on the natural side
and didn't cause irritation to any of the pets they washed.