Childrens AquaEars Review & Giveaway


AquaEars are the perfect way for your child to protect their ears from water when swimming or bathing. Also perfect to protect ears from loud noises or when quiet time is necessary like study time. 

My 80 year old boss loves these. I brought the Nemo AquaEars to her house when I got them to let her try them out. She hates when water gets in her ears when I wash her hair ( I do home health care) She usually uses a different brand of ear plugs for shower time, but agreed to try out AquaEars even though they were for kids. To our surprise these worked better then any other ear plug she has ever tried. They are bigger then the other brand so they completely fill the hole in her ear. Not allowing any water to get through. They worked perfect and she asked me to get her more. That means they get 5 stars from us. She is usually very hard to please. 

AquaEars are soft, silicone earplugs to be used to protect the ears from water damage while swimming or bathing and for noise reduction. AquaEars are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal.

  • Helps to prevent Swimmer's Ear by keeping water out of the ears
  • Reusable
  • Universal fit - one size fits all
  • Carrying case included

AquaEars come in numerous patterns to please any child. They also have plain and adult styles. 
Patterns like Micky Mouse, Little Mermaid, Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob & More. 

AquaEars™ and Children’s AquaEars™ are available for adults (ages 12 and up) and children (age three to 11) at drug stores, mass market retailers and supermarkets such as CVS and Walmart, for an average retail price of $4.00

One Lucky Viewer will win Children's AquaEars from entering my review, good luck everyone.