Tuna Squish Review & Giveaway


Do you love tuna but hate the mess it makes when opening a can? Or getting the yucky tuna smell all over your hands? Now you don't have to worry about that with Tuna Squish. It's a cute tuna shaped handheld can press that drains the liquid, removes and ejects the lid from canned tuna. Tuna Squish is a great addition to your kitchen & it's only $4.99 that's a great deal for a kitchen gadget. 


  • Insert opened can into Tuna Squish
  • Squeeze handles, turn sideways to drain the liquid
  • Separate handles, magnet in upper handle lifts lid off can, no digging for sharp lid = no injury
  • Press release button, dump lid directly into trash

ABOUT TUNA SQUISH: We are tuna lovers. Tuna sandwiches, tuna salad, tuna pasta, tuna crostini or raw tuna…you name it; we love it. Not only do we love tuna for the delicious taste, the health benefits of consuming tuna are indisputable making it a top pick for healthy eaters, athletes or people looking for a boost in brain power. So we got to thinking…with all the tastiness and health benefits why are more people not enjoying tuna? We found the answer in four words: Tuna is a mess!

It’s common knowledge, preparing canned tuna is messy, smelly, leaves your hands sore and stinky from ferociously squeezing all of the unwanted juice or oil out of the can…not to mention the potential injury from digging that sharp lid out of the can with a fork or your fingers. Instead of accepting this as the end-all to tuna consumption we made it a mission to not deter from enjoying our favorite tuna dishes but rather find a solution to never touch tuna again.

After hours of research and testing, a simple, cost-effective way to eliminate the muss and fuss of tuna was born: The Tuna Squish.  With the use of the Tuna Squish the dream of not touching your tuna is now a reality.

When you use the Tuna Squish stinky hands and cut fingers are now replaced with the pure and personal enjoyment of consuming lots and lots of tuna dishes.

Simple. Easy. Delicious.

I love my new Tuna Squish and use it at least once a week. I never before had heard of something like this but when I was offered a chance to do a review for Tuna Squish of course I was curious on how it worked and wanted to try it out. So far I have been very impressed and happy with it. It's now one of the most used gadgets in my kitchen. 
Super easy to use, just open your can of tuna like normal with a can opener, insert the can into your Tuna Squish, squeeze the tunas tail and turn the can sideways into your sink. Separate the tuna tails remove your can of tuna and hold the lid over trash can, press the release button and the lid will fall right into the trash. Easy, Fast and Fun!

                                         One lucky viewer will win their own Tuna Squish. Enter Below.