1 year Anniversary Review ~ NeoCell Biotin Bursts Acai Berry Soft Chews Review & Giveaway



Another GREAT NeoCell product...
Biotin Bursts Acai Berry Soft Chews
These small chews will help improve the health of your Hair, Skin & Nails. 
Healthy hair and skin were never this easy, or sweet!

Having beautiful and radiant skin has never been so easy- or so delicious. 
NeoCell Biotin Bursts deliver high potency beauty nutrients in a delectable, gourmet soft chew. 

Formulated based off of scientifically proven ingredients NeoCell Biotin Bursts offer a delicious alternative to your daily biotin regimen. Each chew is low in sugar and was especially formulated to be as readily absorbable as possible in delicious Brazilian Acai Berry flavor. 
Biotin is an important B vitamin supporting hair and skin health
10,000 MCG of Biotin per chew
Scientifically formulated to support metabolism of proteins
 in the body promoting natural energy, luxurious hair and vibrant skin.

With only 20 calories per chew and only one chew needed per day you get 
10,000 mcg of Biotin a day. 
Each chew is sweet, chewy and delicious. 
Every morning before leaving the house I unwrap a chew, pop it in my mouth and walk out the door. 
They are sweet and yummy. It's like eating a piece of candy that is good for you. 

I take a handful of pills a day at different times in the morning. Some mornings not wanting to or forgetting to take some before I leave, but never have I forgotten something from NeoCell. How could you, they all taste so good. 
It's like I'm giving myself a treat for taking care of my body. 

I always notice a difference in my hair when I take Biotin products. 
Yet very rarely take them. 
Since taking NeoCell Biotin Bursts Acai Berry Soft Chews
my hair has been more silky looking and my nails are improving 
(they were starting to split on the side again)
I also have a little more energy then normal. 
That's something I sure can use. 

These little chews are wonderful. 
If your like me and just don't fuss over yourself or beauty items
at least do yourself one favor
ORDER/go buy(at your local store) NeoCell's Biotin Bursts. 
Not only will you get some extra energy (you know you need it)
but you will see results that will make you smile. 
Just having that extra shine in your hair & skin will help improve your day. 


A little about NeoCell: NeoCell has been developing and manufacturing all natural, premium anti-aging formulas for over 20 years and is the leading Collagen brand in the world. Our products are naturally based, not synthetic, and are designed to promote youthful health, beauty and total body wellness. We manufacture our own products using carefully sourced food-grade raw materials and our facility exceeds all GMP standards.We strive to continuously bring the best to our customers– products that we and our own families are proud to use, made with Nutrients You Can Trust®.
For Simple Side of Life's 1 year Anniversary Review NeoCell is giving away a box of Biotin Bursts to one VERY lucky viewer. 
But if you don't want to wait the 30 days to see if you won, BUY SOME NOW, you will be happy you did. 

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