Indiana Pickle Company Review & Giveaway


It all started when Robert Carmack was just a kid, growing up on a small farm in Indianapolis. Every summer his mother would take fresh cucumbers from the garden and pickle them in a whiskey barrel. These pickles were so good, his friends asked for them as gifts. His whole adult life he never came across anything quite like those pickles. Years would pass before he asked his mom for the recipe. One day, while enjoying a local pint, he was thinking about those pickles when the idea hit him like a beer truck. Why not infuse these amazing veggies in local craft beer? Well, you guessed it, using his mother's pickle recipe, he adapted, experimented and many test batches later, the beer pickle was born! They didn’t stop at cucumbers. Oh no. They decided carrots, even pears and plums deserved to be bathed in glorious craft brews as well. Heck, they didn’t even stop with beer! Local spirits wanted in on this pickle craze as well and they said "why not!". Who knows what they will come up with next because they are always buzzing about pickles. In the meantime, here’s hoping you enjoy their pickled wonders as much as they enjoy making them and remember, never let those childhood dreams go. Sometimes they just need to soak in some good beer.

These Indiana Pickle Company pickles are AMAZING!!! They have such a different taste from regular brand pickles. They are delicious and each jar has its own personality and flavor. These pickles are handcrafted in small batches, 100% Natural, no artificial preservatives, chemical crispers, color additives or refined sugar.  Indiana Pickle Company pickles are local artisanal pickles brined in Indiana's finest brews and spirits.
These pickles truly feel like you are eating homemade. They taste super fresh like they have been plucked from the garden and then submerged in delicious juice filled with the perfect amount of spices, herbs and brews. They are not overwhelming and do not have too much of any one ingredient so if you are worried about the amounts of beer and spirits please do not be. These pickles are incredible so share them with your entire family. Moms, dads kids and friends will all enjoy them and want a jar of their own. 



Sun King Brewing's Wee Mac Scottish Ale

Thick cut pickled cucumber chips affectionately know as Wee Willies. Brined in Sun King's Wee Mac Scottish style ale with dill, garlic, and a hint of spice.

These are not your run of the mill pickle chips. These are the juiciest, thickest, most delicious pickles chips I have ever seen in my life.

These Indiana Pickle Co. pickle chips are so impressive. I eat them alone or spread a little cream cheese on top. Ohhhhhh My!!! YUMMMMMMY! They are so thick I have even been chopping them up to make relish out of them. I 

Once they are diced up you can add them to spice up anything. Use them to add some crunch to a tuna sandwich or top off a hot dog. You can even save the juice to add to your favorite recipe like deviled eggs.
figure why buy relish when I love these so much. So I get out my slap chop and slap away chopping these up into relish size pieces.


Indiana Pickle Company sent me four of their products. I received a jar of the Pickle Chips, Dragon Tails, Spicy Pickle Spears and Moonshine Pickles.

Of the four that I received it is hard to choose a favorite but I find myself going back to the fridge to grab another Moonshine Pickle. As I look at what remains in the pickles jars I see that I am quickly and sadly running low on my Moonshine Pickles. Looking at that evidence I must conclude that the Indiana Pickle Co. Moonshine Pickles are my favorite. I need to figure out how to get more of these and fast. LOL The brine is so good I will be saving every drop of it and using it to add to recipes. I will even add other veggies and eggs into the jar to soaking up the sweet juices, I will not waste a drop.


Hotel Tango Whiskey's Mike Moonshine

This is truly a pickled pickle. These cucumbers are swimming in Hotel Tango Whiskey Mike Moonshine. Slightly sweet, perfectly salty & totally delicious. 

These pickles are super crispy and crunchy, you will not find a single limp or chewy pickle in these jars. It will snap between your teeth when you bite down and crunch with each delicious chew.




Triton Brewing Company's Railspliter IPA

Just the right amount of spice give these pickled cucumber spears just the right kick to complement Triton Brewing Company's Rialsplitter IPA. 

Enjoy these Spicy Spear by themselves or add them to a tasty sandwich. You will not be disappointed.  


Upland Brewing Company's Dragonfly IPA

Eating healthy has a new twist. These pickled carrots are sweet & spicy. Perfect for Bloody Marys, your charcuterie board, or straight out of the jar! 





Flat12 Brewing's Halfcycle IPA 

Think of these as a fruit cup for adults. Fresh pears & plumbs pickled in Flat12's Halfcycle IPA. Perfect for cocktails or picnics!

(seasonal availability only) 

You can find Indiana Pickle Company products in these fine locations > When you find them.....stock up on them because they are amazing.


The super sweet and spicy people at Indiana Pickle Company have offered to do a giveaway with us. Two lucky Simple Side of Life readers will win a selection of perfection. Each winner gets one 16 oz jar of chips and one 24 oz jar of moonshine pickles. Good Luck, follow them on facebook and tweet daily!!!   :)